Georgian first development company ‘Lisi Development’ entered Ukrainian market with its three large-scale products: Residential Complex in capital city Tbilisi, Kokhta-Mitarbi Resort in Borjomy municipality and Buknari resort on black sea coast.

Presentation of the company was held in Kiev, hotel Hilton, where representatives of Government, international and local companies and invited guests attended. Eight years of history and several international achievements by Lisi Development were presented on the event.

From now, company opened new sales office, in one of the prestigious business centers in Kiev - “IQ center, where customers can receive information about all products, such as: company’s first large-scale project Lisi Green town. Project is distinguished by its innovative concept - 80/20, which implies using only 20% of the territory for residential part, and the rest 80% for creating recreational zones and additional infrastructure. Architectural project of the Green Town is created by local and international, well-knows architects such as world famous Spanish architect - Ricardo Bofille.

Kokhta-Mitarbi Resort is second huge project by Lisi Development on Mountain resort in Borjimy municipality. Project comprises famous Georgian brand ROOMS hotel and residential apartments (500 unit) entertainment zones, cafes, bars, restaurants, swimming pool and many more. Project is distinguished due to the following factors, first four-season relaxation opportunity, second Kokhta Gora and Mitarbi’s unique green landscape, third Ski-in and ski-out concept - integration of ski tracks and the building; fourth Master Plan, made by international well known French companies GEODE" and "COMPAGNIE DES ALPES, which have worked on the development plans of the French Alpes worldwide and fifth quality of international standards in construction. The new 100-room hotel complex and apartments will be operated and will receive the first guests from this year.

This year, company launched its third project at the Black Sea coast - Resort Buknari. The project will be of a mixed type and will unite hotels, residential apartments, restaurants, cafes and various entertainment zones. This will be the only resort of international standard at the Black Sea coast with Marina. General Plan and architectural project belongs to the world-famous architectural bureau WATG - The Company with 70 years of experience in international projects worldwide.

  • Lisi Development
  • 02/11/2018

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